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Dame Paciencia Translation In English

▲ to carry outRealizaron el plan con todos sus detalles.They carried out the plan in every element. ▲ to promote outRealizaron todas las existencias.They sold out all the products in inventory. ° al poco rato very soon, after a little whileNuestros amigos llegarán al poco rato.Our pals will come after a short time.

▲ equal, peerEra un hombre sin igual.He was a person the ultimate. —Solo se trata con sus iguales.He solely offers along with his equals. La enviornment por igual.Spread the sand evenly. ° serle a uno igual to be all the same to oneQue venga o no venga me es igual.Whether he comes or not it is all the same to me. De las seis.They will not return till after six.

Paciencia y Fe is the 8th music off of the soundtrack. Mi amor, calmate – Calm down, my love. Carla says this to Daniela, who instantly disregards her. Merengue – The nationwide dance of the Dominican Republic and a standard music genre.

Whom God doth bless, his Bitch brings forth Piggs. In this wretched world when there is wine sufficient, there wants bread. This is to make a hedge of thorns with naked palms. If you come not in time, you shall not eat of the fats. If thou wilt have a great servant, take him earlier than his dowles be out. VVho doth a pleasure to a lewd man, soweth in the Market-place.

▲ town, villagePasamos por muchas poblaciones pintorescas durante el viaje.We went via many picturesque cities on the journey. ° en pleno invierno or verano or día in the course of winter or summer or the day. Pintura portray, pictureLas pinturas que se exhiben aquí son muy valiosas.The work exhibited listed here are very useful. Dos manos de pintura.Put on two coats of paint.

And Ireland tour starting in September. “They can hear us across the bridge in East Secaucus? ” – East Secaucus is a New Jersey city positioned about 13 miles from Washington Heights. “And the 1-slash-9, climbed a dotted line to my place.

° acertar en to hit Acertó en el centro del bianco. Acento stress, accentEsta palabra tiene el acento en la última sílaba. This word’s careworn on the last syllable. ♦ accent, pronunciationTiene buen acento. Abrir to openHaga el favor de abrir la puerta.

Put her to another vessel, as a outcome of she might not smell of the mother. The smoak of my very own home is healthier then the fireplace of ano∣ther. Bind me hand and foot, and throw me among my kindred. Converse with the wise, and thou shalt be one of them. Every one carrieth his Soul within the palm of his hand. What’s done at a wedding must not be carried out every single day.

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